Moving the EFCA national conference to a biennial cycle brings with it a kind of return to first principles — not just for attendees but also for the conference itself. As Paul reminds us, the church is called to unity — one body, one spirit, one hope (Ephesians 4).

Built around the passions that draw us together, EFCA One will feature:

  • plenary sessions hosted by celebrated teachers
  • a worship experience led by diverse, gifted musicians
  • an incredible venue – and the freedom – to pursue and renew deep fellowship
  • a suite of workshop sessions, emphasizing quality, relevance and opportunities to participate

Who should come? It's open to everyone, but we've built the topics and schedules with pastors, leaders and leadership teams specifically in mind.

EFCA One is a homecoming, not to a nostalgic past or an imagined future but to the values — and the One — that unite us as a movement.


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