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Toolkit for Creating an Environment for a Reconciled Community

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Two new tools assist churches to face the changing demographic reality. “40 Days to Jubilee,” which is centered on Isaiah 58, orients the church to become personally transformed into a community ready to engage their extended community in a relevant way. It is a whole-church, 40-day engagement including five sermons and synced cell group studies with practical applications. The second tool, “Community RoundTable,” assists our EFCA districts and churches to become a reconciliation catalyst. This booklet provides a biblical process for different communities gathering and exchanging points of views in a way that is engaging and learning how to do ministry in other contexts.
Session 1 | 9-10 am

40 Days to Jubilee: Being Free to Love and Serve our Neighbor

Session 2 | 10:30-11:30 am

How to do a Reconciliation "Community RoundTable"

Session 3 | 1-2 pm

"Community RoundTable" - From Talking to Doing

Additional Information

These are tools that are made to fill the gap between knowing that there are reconciliation issues but not knowing how to deal with it. In each of these tools, there is an emphasis on what do we do now. Orthodoxy will be matched with Orthopraxy resulting in Orthodance!

Alejandro (Alex) Mandes

Executive Director of All People Initiative
Alex has several streams that qualify him to speak to this issue. As a Hispanic working among all kinds of peoples, he has shown himself a good broker to implement real, effective programs for equipping the church to make disciples and plant churches. He does this with a passion that flows out of his first love of making disciples. He says that diversity, justice, and reconciliation are not the primary objective; however, if we make disciples like Jesus did we will have all kinds of disciples and – as an added extra – reconciled communities that will lead us into the future. He has planted multiple churches. He has various post graduate degrees. Above all he is a passionate churchman who loves the Evangelical Free Church of America.

June 20-22, 2023


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