Learning Labs

Thursday, June 20

9 AM | 10:30 AM | 1 PM

Focused training that explores unique and essential topics important to church leaders. The three sessions build on each other to provide participants a day of in-depth training and perspectives.

1. EFCA History, Theology and Polity

with David Gustafson


Are you seeking a greater understanding of the EFCA? Join us whether you are new to the EFCA, if you are interested in learning more about the EFCA, or if you are in a qualifying ministry and seek a ministry credential as you serve a Free Church. This learning lab explores the history and theological distinctives of the Free Church movement and the EFCA. For those in a qualifying ministry who are seeking a ministerial credential, attendance of the sessions, along with assigned readings and writing a theological paper, serve toward meeting requirements for licensing in the EFCA.

2. Open and Expectant: How to Experience More of the Holy Spirit in your Church…Without Being Weird

with Alan Kraft and Jeff Foote


From a Biblical perspective, experiencing the Holy Spirit is an expected reality. As church leaders, we long for our churches to be vibrant expressions of the presence of the Spirit. However, due to many abuses in the past, we often find ourselves approaching this area more with caution than expectation. In this learning lab, we will be sharing practical ideas about how to gently and Biblically lead our churches (and ourselves) into a deeper experience of the Spirit.

3. Justice Initiatives

with Amy Richey and Kathy Austvold


Merriam Webster chose “Justice” as it’s 2018 Word of the Year. When announcing their decision, they stated, “The concept of justice was at the center of many of our national debates in the past year: racial justice, social justice, criminal justice, economic justice.” It seems that every news cast around the world has coverage of human trafficking, sexual exploitation, and vulnerable people groups. We (the Church) have been talking about this for some time now. What have we learned? Do we understand God’s heart of justice woven throughout scripture? What measurable progress are we making? Our hope of restoration and justice is in Jesus. How do we convey that hope to a broken world?

4. Multisiting!

with Darrell Cloud


Some congregations are tackling the challenges facing the church through meeting in multiple locations. Whether you currently have more than one location or not, we would love to explore some of the dynamics for starting and sustaining new campuses for your church. Buses will depart The Compass Church Hobson Campus at 9 a.m. and will not return until 2 p.m. Note: Pre-registration is required. Please visit the conference information desk if you are interested in attending.

5. Is my Global Mission Strategy Working?

with Anna Bellum, Nate Glaze, Tammy Medders, and Don Long


The value of this lab will be the interactions with peers in missions. Everyone will have a room full of “free” consultants. Our prayer is that God would use this Kingdom collaboration to bring gospel transformation to our world.

6. Succession Preparation: Your legacy of leaving well

with Bob Rowley, Cal Swan, and Bob Osborne


How you can prepare yourself and your church for a successful future. This lab is designed to help you and your church prepare well for that time in the distant, or not so distant, future.

7. Strategic Transition of a Growing Church

with Chris Dolson and Michael Wilkes


Do elder board meetings feel frustrating? Have you ever left a board meeting and wondered, “What does any of this have to do with making disciples and reaching our community with the gospel?” This learning lab is a case study of Blackhawk Church (Madison, WI) and the various transitions that we painfully went through over 25 years. Come and learn from our mistakes.

8. Getting Outreach into Every Ministry of Your Church

with Rick Richardson and Randy Discher

The Underground

Everyone wants to see people converted and transformed by Christ, but why is it so rarely happening in our churches? Join us for testimonies from current EFCA pastors who are experiencing growth and conversions in their church through their work with the Church Evangelism Institute at the Billy Graham Center. Learn simple steps of accountability that will help shift your church onto a trajectory of sustainable conversion growth. You will also hear some exciting new research on the unchurched and the churches reaching them that is a game changer.

9. Toolkit for Creating an Environment for a Reconciled Community

with Alex Mandes

Multipurpose Room

Two new tools assist churches to face the changing demographic reality. “40 Days to Jubilee,” which is centered on Isaiah 58, orients the church to become personally transformed into a community ready to engage their extended community in a relevant way. It is a whole-church, 40-day engagement including five sermons and synced cell group studies with practical applications. The second tool, “Community RoundTable,” assists our EFCA districts and churches to become a reconciliation catalyst. This booklet provides a biblical process for different communities gathering and exchanging points of views in a way that is engaging and learning how to do ministry in other contexts.

10. Pathways Small Group Bible Study Training

with Al Lewis


The Pathways study is designed to be used in a small group to teach members how to study the Bible for themselves. It is a simple, uncomplicated and transferable method for learning how to study the Bible. The tools have proven effective and have been used all over the world to teach pastors and laymen and women of all educational levels.

11. Pastors’ Wives Gathering

with Becky Kompelien

Family Room

An affinity group gathering to support one another through a variety of discussions (informal, facilitated and open discussion formats). Come to encourage and be encouraged!

June 18-20, 2019


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Minneapolis, MN 55420
(800) 745-2202